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What do we offer?

Football Academy


Foundation Phase

Enjoying football should be the main objective when a child first plays the sport. This is what we are try and incorporate in every foundation session we run. Second, is building the basic skills needed in football such as ball mastery skills, passing and shooting. 

What we are running right now!

Foundation Phase

5-8 year olds

Monday 6-7pm

Platt Lane, Keyworth NG12 5GE 

Development Phase 1

8-11 year olds


Platt Lane, Keyworth NG12 5GE 


Development Phase 

As the name suggests, this phase is all about developing what was learnt during the children's early years of football. This includes more tactical skills and working within a team or a unit.  More game realistic drills will be used and broken down into attacking, defending and possession based sessions.

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